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Research methods and analytical skills

Our staff works closely with partners to develop customized research solutions that employ best practices in social science research methodology and analysis to produce high-quality results. To that end, we rely on a variety of social science methods and analytical tools:

Quantitative and qualitative research methods, including:

- Surveys (mail, in-person, web-based, telephone)

- Observational/ethnographic  research

- Interviewing (in-person, virtual, telephone)

- Program evaluation (front-end, formative, summative)

- Focus groups (in-person, virtual)

- Secondary data analysis

- Literature reviews

 Analytical tools, including:

- Open-ended question coding

- Univariate descriptive analysis (e.g., means, frequencies)

- Bi- and multivariate inferential analysis (e.g., contingency tables/chi-squares, t-tests, ANOVAs, regression, factor analysis, nonparametric analyses, structural equation modeling)

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